All women want to show perfect face free from acne and black spots. But what if you don’t use sunblock on exposure to sunlight will result in uneven skin?

So today, I’ll share my daily foundation that protect me from sunlight. Actually, I am the person who was lazy to use foundation because I think I don’t need it. Yeah, I had a story before about my facial acne, but it’s six year ago. I’ll share it on my next post and now we go back to our topic. 🙂

I always use foundation and also want to cover imperfections when I left home. Now, I want to make a review about Pony Effect Seamless Foundation SPF30/PA++. Yeah, it’s Pony, I really like her own makeup. BTW, if you want to know whether the foundation is good or not, read furthermore. ^^




The packaging is really elegant and it made of glass. The glass is too thick and not easily broken. But, it is not suitable for travel size. The tube color is gold and it doesn’t have magnet like Pony Effect’s lipstick.



Look!!! The foundation is more liquid than I used before. But you must shake well before use.


As you can see I try it on my hand. On the left side is without any foundation, and the right side I use Pony Effect Seamless Foundation.


Now, you can see a difference that I used in before and after. Before picture, I have a “Bopeng” face or large pores. After that, I use the foundation to cover my “Bopeng” though it still visible. This foundation is very liquid and easy flowing if not careful. Then it is good coverage and dewy finish. And it also has scent when I pour in my hand. The scent like a flower, but I forget what the flower is. I ever tried Pony Effect Lipstick before (you can check in http://www.carolinetingg96.blogspot.co.id) and it also has scent. I think maybe all Pony’s products have a scent.

This foundation is less suitable for oily skin like me. When I apply it on my face, it feels like more oily and I must add loose powder to make it perfect. Perhaps it is more likely to dry skin even if it is for oily skin. Actually, I bought this product just because I want to collected Pony’s product, not because I want to try it. So, I have a little regret to purchase it.  For me, I think I don’t need to repurchase this product because it is too expensive and I want to try another foundation that suitable for my oily skin.

Okay, this is my review. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me if you want to see more updates. XOXO :*

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