Hello everyone,,, welcome back to my blog…

I’m so sorry that I can’t post my blog a few days. I am sick, but I have already recovered. So today, I want to share a review about Lip Tint from Korea. I very like Korean makeup, especially lipstick. But, I think you already know that. Haha…

Actually, I got the lip tint from my older sister and she got it from her friend as a gift in Singapore last Christmas. Why she gave it to me? Maybe I think she didn’t like a red color lipstick. Haha…By the way, what kind of lip tint I’m going to review today? Yes, it is Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint. Is this lip tint good for my lips? Or it can cause my lips dry? Okay now let see furthermore!!!



This is a simple packaging like another lip tint, but it has a love design on the packaging.It is made of clear plastic and can easily see the color in the packaging. The packaging is fatter than Etude House Dear Darling Tint which has a slim body. At the back of the packaging there is listed 12M means that we can only use this lip tint for one year calculated from the date we open. If it is over one year, it can not be used again. All products from Korea also listed in 12M. So, should be carefully if you want to use Korean products.


Yeah, it is Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint applicator. The applicator is long and easy to use. The applicator’s color is black and doesn’t look slovenly. On the top applicator doesn’t look like another lip tint applicator, like round shape. But it is ‘Love’ shape. I’m very sorry that I didn’t take a picture before. If you want to know more detail, you can search on Google.



Look!!! I swatch on my hand. The color is red like a blood. Isn’t it? LOL 😛

OMG, it was very hurt, I bleed. Please help me and take me go to see a doctor.

Haha… (Just Kidding) 😛

Actually, I don’t like lipstick or lip tint that color is red. But, it is my older sister give to me, so I must accept it. From the color is really red like a blood and it was very liquid when I apply on my lips. So, must be carefully because the lip tint can entry your mouth and make your teeth like a vampire sucking blood. Although, it is liquid, but it very matte when you bring to drink after a few hours. Unfortunately, after a few hours, the lip tint makes my lips dry and also there are leavings the sticky on the lips. It is difficult to remove the leavings for dry lips like me. It can take one or two days to remove it. Yeah, I also use the lip scrub to remove it, but it doesn’t work for my lips. So, I remind you for having a dry lips, don’t use this lip tint. Yeah, it absolutely good and matte, but it can make your lips more dry after a few hours. For you have a normal lips, it is suitable for your sexy lips.


I’m Caroline. Thanks for reading and comment. I hope it was helpful to you. See you on my next post and don’t forget to follow me for more update 🙂






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