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Sorry that I can’t posted my blog for a while, because it was so busy doing the task of thesis. So while this time I will focus for the thesis, but I will still try to always update my blog. Okay now we back to our topic, it was about Korean skincare. So, what skincare that I have to review for today? Yep, it is Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum.

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We’re proud to introduce a new skin care serum that features 5% Vitamin C and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types! Vitamin C is an antioxidant that provides the best in anti-aging protection and is an effective brightening ingredient. The Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop helps:

  • Fade brown spots
  • Protect the skin from pigmentation from occurring 
  • Keep the skin firm and reduce visible fine lines
  • Brighten and even out the skin tone

Apply to a clean face after cleansing and toner. Can apply as spot treatment or apply all over the face and neck. Finish off with moisturizer. For sensitive skin types, can add a drop and mix with moisturizer before application.




From the packaging is look very simple and easier to carry. It makes from a clear plastic that can translucent, so we can more easily see the inside contents. It only can use in 12 months after opened. This serum contains Vitamin C 5%, so it should be spent within 2 or 3 months.


It has a manufactured date and also an expiry date. I bought it in @skincaresolution1 (instagram) about 3 weeks ago and the price is about Rp300,000. Pretty expensive, right? 😀


This is a pipette that makes from clear plastic too. So, about this I don’t have many comments because it also like another serum pipette too, just the top that makes from soft rubber and easy to push on.



This serum is very liquid and greasy. When I use it in my hand, this serum is hard to absorb and it takes a very long time. We have to wait it dry for a minutes so we can continue to our moisturizer. I think using this serum should spend a lot of time. This serum has no a scent at all when I use it in my face. The texture is not sticky too.


Please ignored my bare face, especially my eye brows 😀

Okay, from all my reviews above, I think Klairs Serum is good for all skin types, especially if you have a sensitive skin. This serum can reduce our redness and dark spot. I love this serum very much because it makes my skin look fresh without put any makeup and also it doesn’t make my skin breakout. Unfortunately, I don’t like this serum to absorb in for a long time. When I use it in my face, it looks so greasy and I have to fan it dry, so I can use my daily moisturizer. And also it is very pricey. I suggest you don’t overdo it and for you have a redness or dark spot, you can try this Klairs Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum.

Umpteen of my review, I think it is enough and also can help you based on my experience. Oh yeah, one thing that I never tell you before. Actually, it has a box but I already threw it. 😛

Thank you for reading and so sorry if I can’t review my products everyday T.T

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Annyeonggg,,, Lipstick lovers 😀

Yesterday I was review my SKII lipstick with Indonesian language, but today I want to share lipstick again with second language. So, what lipstick I wanna share to you? Yup, it is Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipstick. This is one of my precious lipstick, so I rarely wear it. But now, I want to share it for you all whether it’s good or bad lipstick.

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Product Description


Rouge Coco Lip Color is more expressive than ever in hydrating, next generation formula that provides full coverage with a creamy yet lightweight finish.


An exclusive complex of Jojoba and Mimosa Butters, Sunflowers Wax and Silicone provides lasting hydration and luminous shine. With a vibrant color spectrum, featuring shade names inspired by Coco Chanel and the friends, artists and lovers who inspired her.

How To Apply:

Line and fill in lips with preferred lip pencil in a matching shade ROUGE COCO directly to lips or use the Retractable Lip Brush.



From the box, it looks so elegant with black and gold color. But my box is little damaged when I got it from my sister’s friend in Singapore. Never mind. The important thing is the content inside is not damaged. LOL 😛

Beside the box has a description with many languages. I think the box full of descriptions, but I didn’t take a picture before because my Chanel box has a price list and many patches. So, I only can show you two sides of the box.



The packaging is simple and full of black color and a little gold color in the middle. This Chanel lipstick is heavier than another lipstick. I pick shade #402 ADRIENNE and it was made in France, and we only can use this lipstick 1 year 6 months from the dates we open. You can see it has a symbol like an open jar with 18M (18 months).



I like the tube with symbol Chanel, it looks so elegant. The lipstick is like nude color and little brown. And on the lipstick has CHANEL name. Really good anyway.


When I swatch on my hand, the shade is coral and with a smooth glitter.


But when I apply on my lips, it looks like nude and pink color. Lipstick lightly on the lips and not sticky.


I personally think that the texture of Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick is a little soft and lightly on the lips. And  it also not sticky and dry on lips. So, if you have a dry lips, it is fine you can wear it. It doesn’t make your lips dry in a few hours. The Chanel lipstick do feel more hydrating and gives lips a nice glow.

It has a scent like YSL lipstick,  but I don’t know how to say the scent is. The Chanel lipstick is pricey and not suitable for college student like me.

Okay, so this is my review today. See you on my next post ^^

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Hiii all,,,

Hari ini aku akan kasih sedikit review tentang salah satu produk asal Jepang. Kira-kira produk apa ya? Of course, kali ini aku akan review lipstick lagi. Minggu lalu aku baru saja me-review Kylie Matte Lip Kit, sekarang lipstick lagi. Haha…

BTW, lipstick kali ini berbeda dengan sebelumnya yang aku review, bukan lipstick yang matte atau creamy ataupun satin. But sheer lipstick. Jadi apa itu sheer lipstick? Sheer lipstick adalah  lipstick dengan tampilan semi transparan. Memiliki formula pewarnaan rendah, jadi lipstick yang satu ini menambah warna bibir secara alami. Sheer lipstick dapat digunakan sebagai lip balm karena kualitas pelembab dan meningkatkan warna alami dari bibir atau menambahkan sedikit warna berbeda untuk bibir.

Penasaran kan? Ayuk, dibaca dulu. Jangan lupa baca sampai habis ya 😛





Dari kotak yang kalian lihat di atas berwarna merah dengan logo SKII berwarna silver. Kotaknya sama seperti produk SKII yang lain dan lumayan bagus sih menurut aku. Cantik dan elegant. Tetapi sayangnya, deskripsi yang ada pada kotak tersebut bertulisan bahasa Jepang dan tidak ada bahasa Inggris sama sekali. Hanya ‘Made in Japan’ dan di sebelahnya berwarna silver itu ada bahasa mandarin, itu yang baru aku ngerti 😀 (wu xiang liao) = tanpa pewangi.


Ini aku memilih shade #111 karna warnanya lebih natural di bibir seperti tanpa memakai lipstick.



Packaging-nya unik dan lucu seperti peluru senapang. Gimana mau bilang ya? Yang penting seperti sejenis peluru. (LOL :P) Warnanya juga merah seperti kotaknya dan ada tulisan SKII. Packaging-nya terbuat dari plastik biasa seperti lipstick yang lainnya, tetapi tutupnya agak sedikit runcing dan agak sulit dibuka jika tangannya basah. Lipstick ini cocok untuk travel size.




Nah, ini bagian dalamnya. Lipstick dengan warna pink dan juga memiliki kandungan pitera yang dapat melembabkan bibir yang kering supaya bibir terlihat lebih sehat dan segar. Lipstick SKII ini ada sedikit shimmer (glitter halus) untuk dapat menambahkan kesan cerah dan segar pada bibir, seperti menggunakan lip gloss, tetapi tidak lengket atau membuat bibir terlihat berminyak.


Aku swatch di tangan aku sendiri dan warnanya natural banget dan juga ada sedikit glitter halus. Teksturnya halus, ringan, tidak lengket dan juga tidak terlalu glossy. Cocok untuk dipakai sehari-hari, terutama yang mempunyai bibir yang kering dan terkelupas. Tidak ada bau yang menyengat di hidung.


Ini aku memakai dibibir dan hasilnya ringan dan natural. Aku memakainya sehari-hari karena ada kandungan pelembabnya, jadi kadang aku gunakan seperti lip balm. Warnanya sendiri tidak terlalu mencolok tergantung seberapa tebal penggunaan kita, jadi kesannya sangat natural dan lembab. Lipstick ini memang kelemahannya tidak menempel awet terlalu lama di bibir, jadi kalau ingin warna yang lebih menyala/nyata, bisa touch up lagi karna lipstick ini ringan dan tidak merusak warna alami bibir.

Jadi, aku recommend banget untuk kalian yang memiliki bibir yang kering dan mudah terkelupas. Juga bisa dipakai untuk sehari-hari ataupun di rumah. Harganya sih gak begitu mahal, kemarin aku membelinya di instagram @vraieshop dengan harga promo Rp99,000 saja. Jadi, buat kalian yang ingin mencari produk SKII bisa langsung kunjungi instagramnya. 🙂

Sekian review dari aku, jika ada yang ingin bertanya jangan segan-segan ya… I’ll reply you as soon as I can. :*

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Hello everyone, today I want to share lipstick again hits in Indonesia as well as overseas. This lipstick quickly sold out since its release and also many fake ones circulating everywhere. So, what product will I review today? Yes, exactly. Lipstick I’ll review this time is Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner.

Now Kylie Matte Lip Kit is already available in many shades of blue and black shades also there, but I only have 1 shade, it is Candy K. Initially, I want to bought two shades, Candy K and Koko K. But I think this product is very expensive and not suitable for the student pocket. So, I decided to buy one just to try. Okay, we start the review. Please read furthermore.


“This ultra-long wearing lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application. The Lip Liner sharpens easily in most standard sized sharpeners – just make sure your sharpener is not dull! 
The Liquid Matte Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out.”
Kylie’s Tips:
For the best result, fill in your lips with the lip liner then top with one cost of Matte Liquid Lipstick.
First, I saw the packaging it was stolen my heart because of the lipstick looks so elegant. The box has the shape of the lips with lipstick melts spill. Then on the side of the box there is color that matches the color of the lipstick. I also have many lipsticks at home, but I don’t have lipstick package along with a lip liner. So, I decided to try ones of this Lip Kit.
Kylie Matte Lip Kit consists of two products, namely liquid lipstick and lip liner. Okay now let us to the main problem of the color, texture, and the results on the lips.
The lip liner looks like pencil eyeliner and at the bottom has a shade that I pick, Candy K. Then the color is like a pink nude and the texture is smooth. Actually, I never use lip liner before, so I think it was difficult for me to apply on my lips.
Yeah, I love the packaging very much. It makes from a thick clear plastic, so we can see the shade easily.
The applicator is long and easy to use. And the brush is a bit small than other lip liquid. Bone applicator is made of clear plastic is not easily soiled.
The color is very gorgeous, it likes pink and nude color into one shade. The texture of this lipstick liquid is creamy and very matte.
You see! The top is lip liner and the bottom is lipstick liquid. The lip liner color is more lighter than lipstick liquid. When I swatch on my hand, it was difficult to remove because it quick drying.
I try it onto my lips, and the result is different. I don’t know why. Maybe my lips color already nude. LOL 😛 (I’m using smartphone, not camera. So, the picture is not really clear)
I can’t comment much on lip liner because it is only I use to make the outline on my lips when I want to use liquid lipstick. But, certainly easy to use lip liner, creamy, not drag fitting applied.
Then I want to say that Kylie Matte Lip Kit is really pigmented and durable on lips. Then, it also has scent like vanilla and it doesn’t sting the nose. But, when first applying liquid lipstick no matter anything because it is still liquid texture and color will turn dark after it has dried completely. Oh yeah, after dry, the result will look dry on lips and sometimes crack as well. I always use lip scrub and lip sleeping mask to protect my lips from dry, but when I use this lip kit, my lips condition is really dry and sometimes peel.
Now I started to think a few times if I want to wear Kylie Lip Kit is because the consequences of my lips so dry really. Though I really like the color of Candy K. (T.T)
The solution is I use lip concealer or lip balm first before I am using this lip kit. But the way I already used before and it also has proved effective in me more moisturizing lip balm than lip concealer. And at the end result is not pure matte, but rather more to the satin finish.
In my opinion, the lip liquid is really expensive more than another lip liquid. Then, it is not suitable for dry lips like me. Unfortunately, the shades are really gorgeous. I hope the performance still needs to be improved and updated. So, for dry lips like me can use this Lip Kit anymore. 😀
So a review from me about Kylie Matte Lip Kit. You’ve tried this product yet? Please leave your comment if you have a question.
Thank you for reading, see you on my next post. 🙂



Kita selalu menggunakan BB/CC cream untuk menutupi ketidaksempurnaan saat keluar rumah. Apalagi wilayah Indonesia memiliki iklim tropis. Jadi, BB/CC cream itu sangat penting untuk dipakai dari pelindung sinar matahari dan juga menutupi noda hitam dan bekas jerawat. Bagaimana jika BB/CC cream tidak bisa menutupi pori-pori sehingga dapat mengganggu penampilan kita? Itu menjadi salah satu hal yang sangat besar bagi para wanita. Tetapi jangan khawatir. Kali ini aku akan me-review salah satu produk dari Korea yang dapat menutupi pori-pori yang menjengkelkan atau dengan istilah lain sebagai base makeup.

Anda sudah tidak asing lagi ya dengan produk yang bernama base makeup dan makeup primer. Sebenarnya base/primer makeup itu dipakai untuk dasar sebelum BB/CC cream. Jadi, yang aku review hari ini apakah bagus untuk menutupi pori-pori atau sebaliknya? Ayo, baca selengkapnya di bawah ini!


Yeah, ini adalah base makeup baru aku, Etude House Fix & Fix Primer – Pore. Dari kemasannya terlihat rapi dan juga ada sample isi warna primer di bagian bawah.


The gel-type primer in skin tone effectively covers pores and uneven texture, makes skin texture look smooth, and keeps makeup fresh for long hours.




Kemasannya bagus seperti eye cream yang aku pakai sehari-hari, sehingga lebih efektif digunakan dan lebih mudah di bawa ke mana-mana.


Ini kemasan belakangnya ada tulisan bahasa Korea yang membuat aku bingung. Tidak ada tercantum tanggal kadaluarsa, tetapi ada simbol yang berbentuk kotak terbuka yang bertulisan 12M. Sebelumnya sudah aku jelasin di blog sebelumnya. Mungkin juga ada yang sudah tau maksud dari simbol itu tersebut.


Nah, ini ada tube-nya seperti stainless, tetapi buka stainless ya, hanya warna bentuknya mirip saja. Tube-nya terbuat dari plastik biasa dan tidak mudah pecah. Kemudian, primer ini memiliki lubang yang kecil, sehingga lebih irit digunakan.


Warnanya seperti warna peach dan texture-nya lebih creamy daripada base primer yang aku coba sebelumnya.


Primer ini cepat menyerap ketika dipakai dan lumayan men-cover.


Nah, kalau ini adalah foto aku yang sebelum dan setelah memakai Etude House Fix and Fix Primer – Pore. Foto sebelum wajah aku ada sedikit pori-pori dan flek hitam. Setelah memakai pore primer ini dan hasilnya memuaskan karna bisa menutupi ketidaksempurnaan di wajahku. Ketika memakainya langsung menyerap dan cepat kering. Setelah memakai beberapa jam tidak terasa berminyak dan juga cakey. Texture-nya creamy, halus dan tidak lengket.

Sebenarnya Etude House Fix and Fix Primer – Pore ini kurang men-cover pori-pori yang gede atau bopeng. Jika mau memakai berlapis-lapis juga tidak bisa menutupi dengan sempurna. Jadi, jika Anda mempunyai pori-pori gede, Anda bisa memakai base makeup dulu baru lanjut ke concealer, terus aplikasikanlah BB/CC cream atau foundation Anda. Kemudian taburkanlah bedak tabur supaya bisa mengunci makeup dengan baik.


Abaikanlah alis tebal dan hitam kayak Sinchan 😛


Dari sekian review hari ini, jika ada yang ingin bertanya bisa comment di bawah ini. I’ll reply as soon as I can 🙂

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Haiii semuanya,,,

Gimana kabarnya? Aku harap semuanya sehat-sehat saja ya. Okay, kali ini aku akan review eye shadow dari Korea, yaitu A’Pieu Full of Color Eyes Shadow Pallete. Sebelumnya A’Pieu sudah berkolaborasi dengan karakter yang imut berasal dari Jepang, yaitu Doraemon. Semuanya pasti suka kan dengan karakter Doraemon. Aku sendiri juga suka dengan karakter Doraemon sejak kecil. Hehe…

A’Pieu eye shadow yang akan aku review hari ini adalah yang edisi spesial atau limited edition. Sebenarnya limited edition hanya packaging yang beda saja. Jadi, bagi yang penasaran dengan review aku, bisa baca sampai habis 😀

Nah, ini adalah produk-produk A’Pieu X Doraemon yang bukan limited edition. A’Pieu tidak cuma hanya eye shadow saja, tetapi juga ada lip tint, blush on, dan juga cushion.


Nah, kalau ini ada sedikit berbeda, bukan? Ini yang disebut dengan limited edition. Hanya beda di Doraemon menggunakan topi Santa Claus. Sebenarnya limited edition ini dikeluarkan pada hari Natal dan aku membelinya di hari itu juga. Aku membelinya dengan harga sebesar Rp250,000 pas lagi promo di ig @beautyhouse1688 dan juga last stock.


Ini adalah packaging belakangnya dengan tulisan bahasa Korea yang membuat aku gak ngerti sama sekali dan juga ada karakter Doraemon seperti merayakan hari Natal. Ada juga mencantumkan tanggal kadaluarsa agar lebih mudah kapan kita menggunakan dan juga kapan kita tidak bisa menggunakannya lagi.


Dari packaging luar dan dalam terlihat sama dan juga elegant. Packaging-nya warna putih cerah dan terbuat dari plastik yang tebal dengan karakter Doraemon. Dan eye shadow ini tidak cocok dibawa keluar rumah atau travel size.



Ini warna yang aku pick, Make Me Glam. Warnanya unik dan cocok untuk kalian yang suka dengan makeup.


Aplikatornya warna hitam, panjang dan juga ada dua sponge agar lebih mudah dipakai. Yang satu dipakai untuk warna yang lebih gelap atau dalam dan satu lagi bisa dipakai untuk warna yang lebih terang supaya warnanya tidak campur aduk. Aplikatornya juga lembut dan halus tidak seperti aplikator yang lain.


Aku swatch di tangan dan hasilnya sangat bagus. Sebelumnya aku minta maaf kalau swatch-nya agak kurang jelas. Bukan karna aku pelit ya, tapi aku lupa memakai brush aku sendiri. Jadi, hasilnya seperti cacing  kepanasan gitu. Haha…

Dari warnannya aku suka bangat karna warnanya unik dan cocok untuk dipakai kemana-mana. Dari 8 warna ada 5 warna yang ber-glitter. Eye shadow ini tidak matte dan mudah dihapus. Jika kalian ingin menggunakan eye shadow supaya tidak mudah luntur, kalian bisa mencobanya dengan memakai concealer terlebih dahulu agar warnanya lebih tahan lama.

Sebenarnya aku tidak suka memakai eye shadow apalagi dengan warna yang cukup banyak. Karna aku suka dengan packaging-nya dan juga ada karakter Doraemon. Jadi, aku putuskan untuk membelinya dan sekalian juga bisa untuk belajar makeup di rumah.

So, bagi Anda yang suka makeup, aku sarankan bisa dicoba A’Pieu Full of Color Eyes Shadow Pallete ini. Dan bagi Anda yang ingin belajar makeup, aku sarankan beli yang packaging-nya mini size atau 3 colors saja. Jangan hanya melihat packaging-nya menarik dan memutuskan untuk membelinya, tetapi ujung-ujungnya tidak menggunakan.

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Hello everyone,,, welcome back to my blog…

I’m so sorry that I can’t post my blog a few days. I am sick, but I have already recovered. So today, I want to share a review about Lip Tint from Korea. I very like Korean makeup, especially lipstick. But, I think you already know that. Haha…

Actually, I got the lip tint from my older sister and she got it from her friend as a gift in Singapore last Christmas. Why she gave it to me? Maybe I think she didn’t like a red color lipstick. Haha…By the way, what kind of lip tint I’m going to review today? Yes, it is Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint. Is this lip tint good for my lips? Or it can cause my lips dry? Okay now let see furthermore!!!



This is a simple packaging like another lip tint, but it has a love design on the packaging.It is made of clear plastic and can easily see the color in the packaging. The packaging is fatter than Etude House Dear Darling Tint which has a slim body. At the back of the packaging there is listed 12M means that we can only use this lip tint for one year calculated from the date we open. If it is over one year, it can not be used again. All products from Korea also listed in 12M. So, should be carefully if you want to use Korean products.


Yeah, it is Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint applicator. The applicator is long and easy to use. The applicator’s color is black and doesn’t look slovenly. On the top applicator doesn’t look like another lip tint applicator, like round shape. But it is ‘Love’ shape. I’m very sorry that I didn’t take a picture before. If you want to know more detail, you can search on Google.



Look!!! I swatch on my hand. The color is red like a blood. Isn’t it? LOL 😛

OMG, it was very hurt, I bleed. Please help me and take me go to see a doctor.

Haha… (Just Kidding) 😛

Actually, I don’t like lipstick or lip tint that color is red. But, it is my older sister gave for me, so I must accept it. From the color is really red like a blood and it was very liquid when I apply on my lips. So, must be carefully because the lip tint can entry your mouth and make your teeth like a vampire sucking blood. Although, it is liquid, but it very matte when you bring to drink after a few hours. Unfortunately, after a few hours, the lip tint makes my lips dry and also there are leavings the sticky on the lips. It is difficult to remove the leavings for dry lips like me. It can take one or two days to remove it. Yeah, I also use the lip scrub to remove it, but it doesn’t work for my lips. So, I remind you for having a dry lips, don’t use this lip tint. Yeah, it absolutely good and matte, but it can make your lips more dry after a few hours. For you have a normal lips, it is suitable for your sexy lips.


I’m Caroline. Thanks for reading and comment. I hope it was helpful to you. See you on my next post and don’t forget to follow me for more update 🙂